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Charcoal grill PALERMO XL

Charcoal grill PALERMO XL

A luxurious island grill complex consisting of two grills and two cabinets, the grill is also equipped with a hood with labyrinth filters and lighting. The entire complex is made entirely of stainless steel with a matte powder paint finish in the color of the customer's choice, lined with stainless steel moldings that are ground and polished for a superior appearance, the thickness of the grill table top is 3 mm. The tabletops of the grills are also additionally brushed manually. The grill barbecue is equipped with: 2 large grates for frying steaks/fish/kebabs, the grates have separate mechanical adjustment vertically (parrilla grates), the grates are made of stainless steel and are equipped with removable trays for collection fat, the other side of the grill is equipped with a farm for skewers (18 pcs) and 4 grates for frying, a skewer with automatic and manual drive for frying lamb and a skewer for frying poultry.
The grill is equipped with 4 ash pans, 2 pokers, 2 shovels and a scraper for cleaning the grates.

  • Specifications

    Overall dimensions, mm  
    Net/gross weight  
    Warranty, months 12
    TS Certificate Yes
    Hearth grate material cast iron
    Special grease trap for hoods complete with hood
    Game skewer Yes
    Hood included
    Coloring base color - coral, pearl or black, optional colors available upon request
    Removable parrilla grates yes, 2 pcs
    Grill table top material and thickness stainless steel, 3 mm brushed

    Grill material

    completely made of stainless steel, painted grill panels are also made of stainless steel
    Manual drive of the central grill skewer Yes
    Electric drive of the central grill skewer Yes
    Grill hearth material fireclay stone, stone thickness 40 mm
    Pull-out ash collection compartment yes, 4pcs
    Possibility of cooking shish kebab on skewers Yes
    Grinded and polished stainless steel grill moldings Yes
    Grill type insular
    Grill fuel type coal, firewood
    Wheels for lifting parrilla grates, base and central skewers made of high quality polished stainless steel AISI 304
    Stainless steel grill handrails Yes
    Removable grease traps for parrilla grates yes, included 
    Grill cabinets with drawers 2 pcs


RUB 2,790,000.00Price
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