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Charcoal grill UMB / 2

Charcoal grill UMB / 2

SKU: 11309

Luxurious multifunctional grill of the UMB series from GRILL MASTER, the center of an open kitchen in a restaurant or at home. Brazier is made in vintage  style  completely out of  high quality stainless steel, coated with special powder paint and varnish. Contents of delivery:  2 nets for grilling steaks / fish / kebabs 10 skewers for kebabs, 1 central stainless steel skewer for roasting lamb / request / wild boar / mechanically and electrically driven (horizontal adjustment of the skewer), 1 central stainless steel skewer for roasting game with a mechanical and electric drive (horizontal adjustment of the skewer), adjustable blower, 2 pull-out compartments  for ash, 2 sliding tables with natural granite worktops with neutral shelves (texture, granite color can be customized at the client's request), a poker and a shovel, a vintage style hood,  weight 400 kg.  The dimensions of the brazier included are 2182x1460x1184 (900).

  • Specifications

    Dimensions, mm 2182x1460x1184(900)
    Weight, kg 930 net, 1020
    Equipment 2 skewers trusses,  4 main grills, 20 skewers, 1 central game skewer, 1  lamb central skewer, pull-out drawer and coal 2 pcs, 1 on each side, ash drawer 2 pcs, 1 on each side
    Electric drive of the central skewers of the grill Yes
    Drawer  for ash yes, 2 pcs
    Drawer  for coal   yes, 2 pcs
    Smooth height adjustment of skewers and nets vertically +
    Wheels for lifting the grids of the base grids and the central skewer yes, 2 pcs
    Shampoo for lamb/pig included, 2 pcs
    Special grease trap


    spark arrestor option
    Hydrofilter option
    Production material completely made of stainless steel with a special coating in various colors
    Hearth material heat resistant steel
    Grate material
    cast iron
RUB 911,800.00Price
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