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Robata Grill GRILL MASTER UMM/2 (L-1500)

SKU: 11330

ROBATA multifunctional grill-brazier with a built-in Yakitori option, powered by solid fuel, the grill hearth is divided into 2 parts by a fireclay partition, for cooking Yakitori on skewers and the possibility of cooking in the far zone of the hearth. The fireclay partition for Yakitori can be easily dismantled to use the entire hearth area. The grill is equipped with 3 main stainless steel grills + 6 stainless steel grills for steaks / fish, vegetables and 6 stainless steel grills for frying. The grill has 5 levels for installing grates and nets, 2  boxes with ash containers, 2 drawers. In addition, the grill is equipped with a farm with 14 skewers for frying a classic barbecue. For maximum control over cooking, the grill is equipped with a lifting mechanism for grills and frying nets. The model also provides a removable, adjustable support for gastronorm containers (6 gastronorm containers for sauces of various capacities included), the base of the grill-brazier is made of cast iron, the walls are made of fireclay bricks, the grill is equipped with an adjustable blower, a removable apron, a scoop and a poker. The thickness of the grill top is 3 mm. ROBATA GRILL is made entirely of stainless steel, dimensions 1394x657(850)x1419 mm, 380 kg gross dimensions 1500x930x1620 mm, 420 kg 

  • Specifications

    Overall dimensions, mm 1500x850x1419
    Gross dimensions, mm 1600x940x1670
    Weight, kg 380/420
    Equipment 3 main stainless steel grills, 6 stainless steel grills for steaks/fish, 6 nets and stainless steel grills (optional), 2 drawers with ash containers, 2 drawers for inventory, 14 skewers for frying classic shish kebab, 6 containers for sauces of various capacities
    Adjustable blower draft gate Yes
    Hearth grate material Cast iron
    Hood  Option
    Coloring in color Option
    Grill top material and thickness Stainless steel, 2 mm
    Grill material Completely made of stainless steel
    Grill hearth material Fireclay stone, stone thickness 40 mm
    Drawer for collecting ash Yes, 2 pcs
    Possibility of barbecue on skewers Yes
    Grill type Core / wall
    Grids Yakitori Option
    Height adjustment of grates and skewers Yes
    Yakitori option Yes, included


RUB 477,750.00Price
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